Custom Automation: Control almost every aspect of your home from almost anywhere.

It’s more than cool. Custom Automation is more than convenient. It saves you time and it saves you money. Set a romantic after-dinner scene complete with mood lighting and music. Turn off lights that the kids leave on.  Activate your security system. Create the perfect ambiance throughout your home from your smartphone. Or let your smart home do it all automatically.

Program your window shades to track and respond to the heat from the sun. Set your heat to auto-adjust to morning, day or evening temperatures. Use built-in sensors to turn off lights when rooms are empty. All this from hands-free house-wide system controls.

Open the driveway gate as you pull up. Before you get out of the car you can turn on the security systems, check the home temperature and turn on a few lights. The biggest benefit that custom automation provides is savings.


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