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Peak Audio & Video®, Inc. is a branch of Peak Alarm Company. Founded in 2011, we have become the premier digital lifestyle integrator in Utah and Idaho.

Peak Alarm Company has served the state of Utah for 50-years, as a pioneer in residential and commercial security. We combine the best technology with the best people in the industry, providing a superior customer experience. We’ve been able to extend that reputation into our audio and video services from Peak Audio & Video®, Inc.

Smart Homes Are Here! Find the Best Home Automation Company in Utah and Idaho

Have you ever had a video and audio system requiring several different remotes and apps to control it? This is the way it’s been for several decades, giving the notion of a home theater a bad reputation. It can be confusing and cumbersome. We’ve dreamed of a day when you can control your home from one simple application. We as the best home automation company can make it possible for you.

Now is the Time to Invest

For years, the idea of home automation has been enormously appealing, but far from a reality. We’re excited to tell you that smart home technology has advanced to the point where it’s time for you to invest in what you’ve dreamed of–a home audio/video system leveraged and meticulously integrated to enhance entertainment, communication, and comfort from a single interface.

Yes, we can make that dream a reality for you today!

Smart Connection Center

We make use of the Smart Connection Center, where your home all comes together.

Signals from the outside world (telephone, cable TV, satellite, internet) enter the Smart Connection Center and seamlessly distribute across your daily routine.

So, whether at home or at work, you are covered.

Professional Technology Design Services

When you partner with Peak Audio & Video®, Inc, you can always expect the best. So, our expert design services cater to your unique requirements, leading to a luxurious and simple-to-use solution.

We offer compelling and powerful brands.

We stand behind our products and services, always providing signature “white glove” treatment to every customer, whether you’re buying a simple alarm system or state-of-the-art home theater.

Best Customer Service in the Industry

At Peak, we strive to understand your needs early. As a result, we proactively aiming for the best results every step of the way. You can’t be in business for five decades and not love your customers. Moreover, we do everything you can to provide the very best security, technology, and customer experience.

Welcome to luxurious digital living.

Peak Security Guards

Peak Alarm Company also supplies professional monitoring services for Utah and Idaho’s commercial buildings, with Peak Security Guards. Whether you’re trying to protect your home, office building, family members, or employees, find out how the Peak Alarm Companies can help you.

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If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us today. We cater to both residential and commercial clients. Call us today at 385-234-5454, or visit our Contact us page to send us an email.